15 Highly Achievable Sustainable Living Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Home

With all the news about the environment being in dire straits and climate change negatively affecting our planet, it’s hard not to feel the eco-guilt. This is why many people have started looking into different ways to reduce their waste or carbon footprint.

If, like others, you’re thinking about how to lessen your impact on the environment, why not start at home? This infographic shares 15 sustainable ways to make your home an eco-friendly one!

  1. Be Mindful Of Your Resources
    As a rule of thumb, acquire only what you need.
  2. Choose Earth-Friendly Brands
    Many brands are making the switch to eco-friendly or sustainable products!
  3. Support Local
    To lessen your carbon footprint, you can purchase your necessities from nearby places.
  4. Minimize Packaging Waste
    Likewise, consider getting your items in biodegradable packaging or skipping it entirely.
  5. Start Segregation At Home
    In order to lessen the trash heading to landfills or the oceans, segregate your waste and find places that accept certain non-biodegradable items.
  6. Be More Digital
    Opt for electronic copies of documents, receipts, and the like.
  7. Think Of Reusables
    Stick to items that you already have and reuse them! Reusing things like grocery bags, beverage tumblers, and food containers lets you skip their disposable counterparts.
  8. Switch to LED Lights
    LED lighting is more energy efficient compared to incandescent and fluorescent lights, so make the switch if you haven’t yet.
  9. Buy, Borrow, & Repurpose Pre-Loved Items
    You can definitely score some nice finds through pre-loved or secondhand goods!
  10. Mind The Upkeep
    Regularly check your home appliances and address any faucet leaks, dirty filters, and the like. Left unchecked, these can waste more energy than necessary.
  11. Plant A Garden
    Gardening is a great way to grow your own food, repurpose any old materials, and create a carbon sink.
  12. Collect Rain & Used Water
    Rainwater is great for watering your garden as it contains more nutrients. Used water from laundry or washing your vegetables can also be used for flushing your toilet and the like.
  13. Make A DIY Compost
    Your food scraps, papers, and leftovers can be composted! This not only reduces your trash, but also gives you a rich fertilizer that you can add to your garden.
  14. Switch To Inverter Appliances
    Choose inverter-type refrigerators and air conditioners if you need a new one as these are more energy efficient.
  15. Consider A Solar Installation
    Solar panels can help augment your electricity during the daytime and reduce your consumption from non-renewable sources.

Sustainable Living Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Home

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