Managing Sweating Artifact During EEG Recordings

Sweat artifacts pose a frequent challenge in electroencephalography (EEG) recordings, significantly impacting the clarity and readability of the EEG signals. These artifacts arise when the body’s natural sweat response alters the skin’s conductivity, leading to interference with the electric signals detected by the electrodes. Notably, sweat artifacts can occur not only when visible sweat is present on the scalp, but also when the body heats up in preparation for sweating.

In this unique paragraph, we shed light on how sweat artifacts can disrupt EEG recordings and highlight the underlying physiological mechanisms at play. Sweat artifacts often pose challenges in electroencephalography (EEG) recordings.

To address this issue, we have created a unique infographic that offers key strategies for EEG operators to effectively reduce sweat artifacts, resulting in clearer and more accurate EEG results.

Sweating Artifact During EEG

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