Tackling Food Waste with Internet of Things

Food waste continues to be a huge problem, with roughly 1.3 billion of the total food getting either lost or wasted. Throughout the entire food supply chain, there are alarming numbers of how much waste occurs. Moreover, it is estimated that the food production needs to increase with more than 60 per cent in order to meet the future demand of a growing population. Hence, it is imperative to tackle this significant issue in each stage of the supply chain. But how? Internet of Things!
Internet of Things has definitely changed our way we communicate or travel, and we easily got captivated by smart watches, activity trackers and wearables, but there’s room for more. Albeit most of IoT solutions are heavily present in industries, there also the ones that could be used by the consumers. Given that the Households account for the biggest percentage of waste, it is imperative to leverage on the pluses that this technology offers.
Tackling Food Waste with Internet of Things
Infographic Source: https://www.greenmatch.co.uk/blog/2017/09/tackling-food-waste-with-internet-of-things

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