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20 Shocking Sales Stats (Rethinking Your Sales Strategy for 2018)

Whether you’re a budding amateur in the sales world or a 30-year veteran, these 20 surprising sales statistics can help you learn, grow, and better craft your sales technique. Perhaps even rethink your current process. In an effort to apply some structure, the 20 stats have been broken down into 7 different categories, from the decision-making process to cold calling. …

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20 Desk Exercises to Stay Fit & Healthy

Isn’t it ironic that most of us get tired by just sitting around on hours end? The working class adult spend almost half of his day seated at work, plus many hours sitting down in commute, not to mention the accumulated hours spent on the dining table and in front of TV. This kind of sedentary lifestyle is a sure …

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20 of the Most Expensive Cities Around the World

This insightful infographic shows how costs vary in cities around the world. It compares the cost of living in some of the world’s most expensive cities–from San Francisco to Hong Kong. You can see a comparison of the total cost of living for a single-person household (more than $4,500 in some cities!) and also see how that money gets spent …

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