20 Desk Exercises to Stay Fit & Healthy

Isn’t it ironic that most of us get tired by just sitting around on hours end? The working class adult spend almost half of his day seated at work, plus many hours sitting down in commute, not to mention the accumulated hours spent on the dining table and in front of TV. This kind of sedentary lifestyle is a sure way to innumerable health problems like heart failure, obesity, poor posture and body pain.

Our body has more than 200 bones and over 300 joints for a purpose, and that is for adequate movement and active lifestyle. When your work demands more than 8 hours in front of your desk, keeping an active lifestyle is out of reach. However, this should not be a problem when you can have your workout without leaving your office desk.

Can’t believe it? This is perfectly possible. You can do stretches and exercises by using your desk and chair. This infographic from IBEX Global PH gives you 20 desk exercises that you can do daily to maintain a fit and healthy body.Desk-Exercises-to-Stay-Fit-Healthy

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