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5 New Practices to Help You Monitor Your Asthma as an Adult


A chronic respiratory disease that impacts millions of individuals worldwide is asthma. Asthma may occur in adults as well as in children. However, it is more frequently diagnosed in youngsters. To maintain excellent respiratory health as an adult, it is crucial to check your asthma frequently. These are five innovative  new practices  to monitor a0sthma  to help you efficiently manage …

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Adult Vision: How Your Eyesight Changes as You Age

Everyone starts to experience problems with their eyesight as they add another year to their calendar. With all the activities a person completes daily, eyesight is certainly bound to be damaged, especially since the majority of things they do require a gadget. From long hours in front of a laptop to mobile phones and televisions, too much of everything isn’t …

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61 Years Young

A Brief History of Active Adult Communities in America Age shouldn’t limit how you live your life. A new generation of active adult living has arrived. 3.5 million Americans turn 55 each year 80 Million Americans will be over the age of 65 by 2050. The first active adult community was formed in Youngtown, Arizona and opened in 1954. It’s …

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