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Average Book Word Count


Authors, especially new ones, struggle with how many words to write. There are two rules to follow. The first is to keep close to industry standards if you want to attract a publisher. The second rule is that there are no rules. These days, with so many publishing options, you don’t need to follow industry norms. You can write the …

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Average House Prices In UK Since 1950’s.


Thinking of buying a property? Not sure when is the best time to get on the property ladder? The easy answer is, as soon as possible. Here is an infographic that illustrates the average house prices in UK since 1950’s. This handy infographic shows where and when house prices have increased and what the difference is now, compared with each …

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Lifestyle of the Average Pediatric Neurological Fellowship

Are you planning to apply for Pediatric Neurological Fellowship program? Before applying for that, you have to know what is lifestyle of the average pediatric neurological fellowship. Here are some neurology fellowship statistics for 2016, which will tell you number of applicants, programs and matches for headache medicine subspecialty and vascular neurology subspecialty. You will find here list of requirements …

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