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Keeping Your Skin Safe and Beautiful with Amino Acids

You’ve probably heard about amino acids before. But aside from being a protein that is naturally present in all living organisms, these elements are also beneficial when used as a beauty product ingredient. While normally, when choosing the best skin care products, your choice will range from popular brands to organic beauty brands–there is actually more to look for. You …

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The most beautiful skyline: Kuala Lumpur

As always, when determining beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. When ranking the most beautiful skylines in the world, the number one city skyline is said to be Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It is followed by Toronto in Canada, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and New York in the United States. The only European city among …

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50 Best Foods for Healthier & More Beautiful Skin

You can all get busy looking for the best and most effective skin care product not noticing that you can actually get what you want from your diet. This is something most people forget about: that healthy diet means healthier and more youthful skin. You can feed your skin and look glowing inside out. With a healthy diet, you can …

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