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Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Over DIY

The “Do-It-Yourself” trend is continuing to grow in popularity, mainly for the cost saving hacks they promise, but no DIY remedy can out beat a professional. Steamers at department stores cost anywhere from $150-$450 or can be rented for about $50 per day. Trained carpet cleaning technicians assess your home and provide you with the services that fits your lifestyle. …

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5 Carpet Cleaning Tips for Hygiene

A house becomes a home when one takes care of it and changes it into a dreamland. This process includes many small and big things completing the home. One of the most essential of the home is the carpet which adds more beauty especially to the sitting room, and also in other rooms where it is spread. The most important …

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27 Reasons You Need To Clean Your Carpet ASAP

What kind of things are crawling around under your toes? Do you know how dirty your carpet actually is? If you haven’t put a lot of thought into it, you might not realize just what is living in your floors. Think about just how frequent your carpet is used. And it’s not like it’s used in the most sanitary ways …

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