5 Carpet Cleaning Tips for Hygiene

A house becomes a home when one takes care of it and changes it into a dreamland. This process includes many small and big things completing the home.

One of the most essential of the home is the carpet which adds more beauty especially to the sitting room, and also in other rooms where it is spread.

The most important aspect is to keep the carpet clean with a right carpet cleaner as that represents the soul of the home and keeps the indoor hygiene better.

Sometimes children are playing and even eating their meals sitting on the ground or the carpet so during those times you have to be more cautious to keep the carpet clean.

Carpet Cleaning Tips
Few essential tips to keep the carpet clean easily

Cleaning the carpet sometimes seems to be quite an effort work and people try to avoid it for this reason, but actually, there are few simple yet quick ways to clean the carpet at home without any hassles which can keep it fresh and bacteria free.

Here are the simple tips which one can follow:

1. The old method of vacuum cleaning

The age-old method of vacuum cleaning from the time’s vacuum cleaners was introduced have been and will always be the best solution to keep your carpet clean.

The vacuum cleaning helps in cleaning the deposited dust on the carpet keeping it dust free and fresh. As accumulating dust makes the carpet full of bacteria and also dust allergy may spread in the home. Also, the homes with pet get the hairs of the pets stuck in the carpets so the vacuum cleaning at least once or twice a week with all the different nozzles of the vacuum cleaning keeps it dust and hair free.

2. The gentle touch of water and vinegar for spots cleaning

Sometimes while eating or by painting or any other activity few spots stand strong on the surface of the carpet which is hard to remove. Here the vinegar and water therapy works like magic.

Just take a little water on the tips of a soft cloth and add few drops of vinegar too. Then gently rub the spot where the stain has made its place, for few minutes let the stain absorb this mixture, then slowly wipe the area with another side of the cloth.

You would find the spot stain has gone. For better usage check the vinegar on the carpet beforehand to see whether it leaves any stain or not. And this way your carpet would be again fresh and clean.

3. Use dry baking powder for removing carpet odours

Sometimes the carpets although cleaned or vacuum cleaner leaves foul odor due to the damp rainy season or getting hold of moisture much.

The best way to clean the carpet off the foul odor would be to use dry baking powder or soda on the surface. First clean the carpet well with the carpet shampoo or detergent.

Then fully dry it and when you ensure it is dry sprinkle the baking powder over the carpet and let it sit for an hour, then vacuum clean it till the last bit of power is not removed. You would find the odor is gone and the carpet is again clean and fresh.

4. Use welcome mat on the doorways of the house

It is said that we carry the dust and bacteria with our shoes inside the home or on the carpet, so to keep it less best would use the welcome mats on the doorstep where one can rub their shoes and remove the unwanted dust or bacteria as much they can.

This way the carpet would be less dirty and also the house would be less dust affected. Better would be using welcome mays on all the doorways letting the home.

5. The simple steam clean method

Sometimes the moles and spots are found on the carpet surface, so the best solution would be the steam clean method.

Add white vinegar with water in the detergent area or vessel of the vacuum and follow the steam cleaning method given, then you can dry it whole night putting the carpet out in the body as fresh air would dry it faster and also take out the odor and stains totally.

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