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Reasons Why Workers Compensation Claims Denied

Employees are lucky to have a company they truly deserved. With their trust and dedication, the company provides workers compensation program as a return. For some reasons, there are accidents that can not be claimed for these following reasons: Claims your injury wasn’t serious Claims didn’t happen at work Claims don’t require medical attention Claims don’t require the time off …

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A Roadmap to Trial in NC Civil Court

In North Carolina, there are three levels of trial court that handle civil litigation: Small Claims / Magistrate Court, District Court, and Superior Court. How do you know which level to file your suit with? What warrants a case to be filed on the Superior Court level? A key factor in determining which level of court to litigate a case …

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Only in Texas: Workers Compensation Claims

Saying Texas is unique for a lot of things would an understatement. First of foremost, it’s a one of a kind state due it’s laws not requiring workers compensation for companies based there. What happens to the poor employees who get injured while doing their job in Texas then? The statistics may be a surprise for you.

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