Reasons Why Workers Compensation Claims Denied

Employees are lucky to have a company they truly deserved. With their trust and dedication, the company provides workers compensation program as a return. For some reasons, there are accidents that can not be claimed for these following reasons:

  • Claims your injury wasn’t serious
  • Claims didn’t happen at work
  • Claims don’t require medical attention
  • Claims don’t require the time off requested
  • Claims your were impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Claims you were engaged in horseplay
  • Claims you intentionally hurt yourself
  • If you make a mistake in the claims process
  • If you miss deadlines
  • If you don’t understand the process
  • If you lose track of information and facts

Filing of a report and notifying your employer are important to ensure you will get your proper claims. This infographic show more information about South Carolina workers compensation. Better be know your benefits with this one. Just be guided with the help of this presentation.
Reasons Why Workers Compensation Claims Denied
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