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Designing And Developing For Accessibility [Doing it right]

Web/digital accessibility is the concept of making the internet (websites and applications) accessible to people with different forms of disabilities such as hearing, physical, visual, and dexterity impairments. However, web accessibility doesn’t just benefit the disabled, it benefits the old people and all users in general. As an example, captioning of videos helps those with hearing impairments and at the …

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Developing Threats in Mobile Phishing

Mobile phishing has become a prominent threat on mobile users nowadays since it disguises alongside with popular social media platform apps that most audiences visit. Basically, mobile phishing is just phishing targeted at mobile device users of an enterprise. According to CSO, phishing is a “well-known and well-understood attack predicated on social engineering,” for instance, an individual may want to …

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7 Critical Steps to Developing Your First Amazing Product

Many people would have you believe that developing a product from the idea that you have in your head into a physical reality that you can hold in your hands must be something incredibly expensive, complicated, time-consuming, and difficult. But the honest truth is that developing a product from concept to reality is actually not that hard. You don’t have …

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