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Drunk Driving: What is DUI and the Consequences of Getting One?

Everyone knows that driving while impaired due to the intoxicating effects of recent alcohol or drug use is dangerous and illegal. Still, 1.5 million drivers are arrested for being under the influence every year. They face a number of consequences for their irresponsible and unlawful act. The infographic below includes the legal and financial problems a drunk driver can have. …

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Driving Distracted: Drinking and Texting

As most know, the impact of drinking and driving on the safety and well being of family and friends, as well as others on the road can be life-altering. When one makes the decision to have the extra drink while at the bar, or restaurant, they might not always be considering the implications and serious threats an additional drink can …

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Drunk Driving in Texas

Drunk driving in Texas is more prevalent than many other states. This infographic shows just how common drunk driving is in Texas. It also illustrates the number of deaths caused by drunk drivers and breaks down the numbers based on gender and age. In a couple of sections, we compare some Texas-specific statistics with the United States as a whole. …

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