Driving Distracted: Drinking and Texting

Dialing up Danger
As most know, the impact of drinking and driving on the safety and well being of family and friends, as well as others on the road can be life-altering. When one makes the decision to have the extra drink while at the bar, or restaurant, they might not always be considering the implications and serious threats an additional drink can have on their judgement and ability to safely operate a vehicle.
In addition, we often do not stop to think about how one text message could impact our ability to focus on the road. In fact, looking away from the road for a second or two can cause serious, if not fatal accidents, when engaging with our cell phones. It’s a regularly occurring issue in today’s society, and its important that we educate ourselves on the dangers that accompany cell phone use while driving.
Recently, a drug and alcohol use map was developed for the state of New Jersey, that outlines some of the most common areas in the state where drunk driving accidents occur. In addition, viewers can view statistics on the common age categories, counties, and types of accidents that occur throughout the state.
Fatal Alchol
Texting and driving is equally important issue in many areas of the world. An infographic was recently created for the state of Tennessee that outlines the number of fatal accidents that occurred within the state, as a comparison to the entire United States. Additionally, the map outlines some of the major age categories that engage in texting and driving while on the roadways.
Check out the infographic to also view the most common times of the day when texting and driving accidents occur.
After viewing these two sources of information, we should step back to interpret the information, and think about some of the common decisions and behaviors that we engage in.
Always avoid using your cell phone while driving, and if you are out, monitor the number of drinks consumed before operating a vehicle. Besides, distracted driving and impaired driving decisions are the root to the majority of the accidents that occur today.
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