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Travelling with your E-cigarettes

Travelling is fun – it is a great opportunity to see new places, meet new people, know different cultures and communities, and learn more things about the world that we are not always exposed to. It’s even more fun when it becomes an opportunity for you to converge the things that you love doing, no matter how small or simple, …

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Is Second Hand Vapor from E-Cigarettes Dangerous?

It’s almost the general consensus that cigarettes and tobacco are out, while e-cigarettes (or more commonly called as vapes) are here to stay. Almost everywhere we look, at least one person is puffing and exhaling vapor though the battery-operated or electronic cigarette. Many have made the switch for various reasons – one of the most common being that they are …

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Seeing through the Vapor, E-Cigarettes

What are e-cigarettes? They are battery-operated, vapor-filled devices that users can “puff on”, much like traditional cigarettes. These contraptions literally deliver flavors and various chemicals to users. E-cigarettes contain an inhalable aerosol (vapor) which contains the highly dangerous and addictive chemical, nicotine.What is vaping? That’s the actual act of “puffing on”, “hitting” or inhaling e-cigarette vapors. Users like the illusion …

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