Is Second Hand Vapor from E-Cigarettes Dangerous?

It’s almost the general consensus that cigarettes and tobacco are out, while e-cigarettes (or more commonly called as vapes) are here to stay. Almost everywhere we look, at least one person is puffing and exhaling vapor though the battery-operated or electronic cigarette. Many have made the switch for various reasons – one of the most common being that they are generally seen as safer for the health. Vapes deliver nicotine through a vapor rather than a combustion system as seen with traditional cigarettes. Combustion involves fire, tobacco, and the emission of toxic chemicals, which are not found in vaping.
While this may be the common thought among people nowadays, and with some believing that vapes are not only safer but the harmful side-effects of traditional smoking are altogether non-existent with vaping, several research teams are now analyzing the effects of secondhand vapor and if it carries harmful side-effects like that of traditional smoking’s. While England’s health sector’s research has revealed that vape and e-cigarettes are 95% safer than conventional tobaccos and cigars, the margin of error is a sign that this is not a complete confirmation that there is absolutely no existence of danger with capes.
Find out if secondhand vapor from e-cigarettes are dangerous and how dangerous they might be with this infographic by Vape Icon.
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