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The ultimate festival road trip guide

This vivid infographic from Dayinsure is filled with a range of tips and tricks for helping you make the most of the festival season. Filled with bright colour and exciting designs, it draws your eye in but also provides some really useful information. The first half of the infographic explores a range of top festival tips everyone would do well …

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How To Choose a Perfect Gift Idea for Hanukkah Festival?

Hanukkah , also known as Chanukah is called the Jewish festival of lights. Hanukkah is one of the most recognized Jewish holiday celebrated for eight days by Jewish people. Hanukkah involves may religious tradition and customs followed by Jewish people. It also involves gift – giving and sharing among your loved ones. This infographic helps to choose a perfect gift …

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Diwali Festival- what should you do in case of a burn?

Diwali is a famous festival, celebrated by burning crackers. Burning crackers is a common scene, which can notice across India on this auspicious day. We would personally suggest everyone that, Enjoy with care, light up the festival with a great note by taking few precautions. Here is an infographic which shows, what one should do in case of a burn. …

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