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Lights, Camera, Aging!

From the women who write and direct films to those who star in them, actresses tend to be held to a different standard than their male counterparts. Over the years, women have played roles much younger than their real age – sometimes by a decade or more. Yet overall, Actors have been allowed to age gracefully in front of our …

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Best Horror Film Maker Of All Time

John Carpenter has won the title of best horror film director in online social media polling over twitter. Most of the people involved in the poll are true horror film fanatics. Keeping in mind he is the favorite of fans of the genre. He beat out other fan favorites such as Clive Barker. One explanation might be his long resume …

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The Revenant’ at the Oscars

Hollywood film sensation ‘The revenant’ has caused a storm at this year’s Oscars being nominated for an incredible 11 awards. We follow Hugh Glass as he trudges across the wilderness of North America struggling against the forces of nature to survive. As we celebrate the incredible movie that is the Revenant. The Arikira tribe who feature in the film have …

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