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How To Fix P0301 Trouble Code and Clear the Check Engine Light

Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0301 is caused by a misfire on cylinder 1. This code is typically caused by a faulty spark plug or bad wiring connection to the cylinder, and a quick visual inspection is usually all it takes to solve the problem. However, there are many other reasons why P0301 might show up, as a vacuum leak or …

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5 Easy Ways to Fix a Slow Performance in your Smartphone

All smartphones, regardless of the brand, usually slow down with time. The rate at which they do that might differ with each device depending on various factors. In any case, your phone won’t get any faster than it was when you bought it. Regardless, you can fix a slow performance on your device in some cases. Now, your device might …

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5 Ways to Fix Sun Damaged Skin

Summer is over but that doesn’t mean that your sun protection should be over too. Whether the sun is out or not, you should be able to stick with a beauty regimen that offers ample skin protection so you can be free from any form of damage caused by the sun’s harmful rays. But what if you’ve already had your …

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