5 Easy Ways to Fix a Slow Performance in your Smartphone

All smartphones, regardless of the brand, usually slow down with time. The rate at which they do that might differ with each device depending on various factors. In any case, your phone won’t get any faster than it was when you bought it. Regardless, you can fix a slow performance on your device in some cases.
Now, your device might start lagging due to multiple reasons. To effectively fix the issue and prevent it further, you must know what causes it. Apart from that, we also have some simple tips for maintaining your device’s speed.

What makes your phone slow down?

Starting with the fixes, you must understand the cause behind the issue to find a perfect solution for it. Here are some of the most common reasons why your phone might lag. Or, you can also simply contact a reputable mobile repair Dubai for a quick solution.

1. Low storage space

A shortage of storage space is among the most common causes behind this issue. So, this is the first problem you might come across on your slow device. You might use a wide range of apps on your phone. And, some of them might take up a comparably bigger space as compared to others.

2. Memory shortage

Apart from other components, RAM is a significant factor in your device’s performance as well. Your device must have a certain amount of free space in its memory to function smoothly. Especially so, when you’re running certain apps, which can use considerable system resources. Moreover, a shortage of memory is among the most common causes behind a lagging device.

3. Low-end hardware

As you might know, not all smartphones feature the same level of hardware. So, you need to choose a product that has the most suitable hardware for your requirements. After all, that plays quite a significant role in their performance.
Low-end devices are suitable only for running programs that have low requirements. So, they’ll start lagging when you try to run demanding programs on them. And, this happens mainly because the device doesn’t have a suitable processor for the task. Your phone might even crash in such cases.

4. Degrading condition of the battery

And, like other components in your phone, the battery has a specific lifetime as well. Thus, it’ll start deteriorating after a certain point in time. Now, how soon the battery will decline in its function! Actually, it is based on the brand and model of the device. In any case, you’d see significant changes in your phone’s performance when its battery is dying.

5. System updates

In many cases, your device might slow down after you install an update on it. However, such issues aren’t as common as the others listed here. In any case, there’s nothing much you can do if your device slows down after an update. The developers usually roll out patches for such issues on your phone. So you must look out for that and download one as soon as it becomes available.

Top 5 Pro Tips to Speed Up your Slow Phone

There are as many solutions to a slow phone as there are causes behind it. Moreover, they’re quite simple, and you can apply them quite easily. You need not have any professional skills and equipment to proceed with them.
So, you might want to give those solutions a try without further delay. In that case, here are some of the simplest ones you can proceed with:

1. Uninstall apps that you don’t use

You might have quite a lot of applications on your phone. But, it’s advisable to keep all of them, only if you need them. Otherwise, you must get rid of the ones that you haven’t frequently been using. So, in case you have any unused apps on your device, you must consider removing them anyway.
After all, they might take up a significant amount of storage space on your device. The more apps you have, the more cache data your device generates. Apart from that, you must also take into account the user data on each of them. So, getting rid of them might free up a significant part of your phone’s storage.
Disable unused apps
Don’t want to remove unused apps from your phone yet? Then, you can simply disable them from your device’s Settings. And, that can clear up a considerable amount of storage space as well.

2. Delete cache files

Your phone uses cache files for pretty much all apps that you run on it. Especially so in the case of third-party applications that you’ve installed. These files are meant to provide you with a faster speed when you use those apps. But, in some cases, they end up doing just the opposite. And, that happens mainly when you have too many cache files, which take up too much space.
So, deleting the cache is the best way to deal with the issue in such cases. In Android devices, you can do that by going to the Apps section in your Settings. Simply open the apps listed there and opt for deleting their caches.

3. Force stop applications

Your device might use a considerable amount of RAM even when you’re running a single app. In that case, it’s probably running some more tasks in the background. After all, many apps on your device can run that way. If there are too many of them, they might occupy too much of your device’s memory.
As a result, your device will start lagging. So, how do you fix this annoying issue in such cases? In case you’re wondering, you can simply Force Stop those apps. Now, many of them might use background data as well. Thus, taking this step can help you save both RAM and data. In Android devices, you can do that from the Memory options in the Settings menu.

4. Disable animations if you’re using them

The latest smartphones, regardless of the brand, feature various animations and transitions. Now, they surely provide the user with an enhanced visual experience. But, as you might know, animations can take up a significant amount of your device’s memory. So, in case your phone suddenly becomes slow, you should disable them.
To do that, you simply need to navigate to the Developer Options in your Android device. Also, the process is similar and quite simple and effective for iOS devices as well.

5. Use stationary wallpapers

Among other great features, the latest smartphones also allow you to use live wallpapers. Usually, you don’t face any issues other than considerable battery usage while using these wallpapers. But, they might often contribute to RAM shortage on your device.
Now, you’d probably prefer that your device works fast rather than feature live wallpaper. So, you might want to use stationary wallpapers instead to speed up your phone.

Wrapping up….

All the tips mentioned above are simple yet effective in boosting your device’s speed. Thus, you must apply all of them to get optimal results. But, in case they don’t do the trick, you might want to contact an expert. Moreover, in some cases, you might need to replace your device.

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