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The History of Online Video

Internet is becoming major source for collecting information and communications for most peoples. It is changing  constantly. It may feel like the days of browsing AOL via a 56k dial-up connection were a lifetime ago – especially since the youngest Internet users have never known a world without high-speed Internet. However, in the grand scheme of things, the internet has …

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History Of US Income Tax

Have you ever wondered about the history of the US Income Tax system? If so this infographic will be right up your alley. For instance did you know that at one time the US Supreme Court ruled that income tax was unconstitutional? Well it’s true. You can learn when they did that and what Washington DC did to get around that …

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History of Cloud Accounting

You have probably heard of cloud computing but have you heard of cloud accounting yet? If you want to move your accounting data to the cloud and protect your documents, improve your team collaboration and choose a cost-effective solution, consider cloud accounting. Explore its history and evolution timeline. Find out who the key players were, when the first web-based accounting …

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