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Clowns in Modern Horror

Traditionally, clowns have been a staple of pop culture and have been loved by all ages. They are the symbols of fun and laughter. They help sell Happy Meals. They are a standard in children’s birthday parties as the jolly man with crazy-colored hair, big feet, bright clothes, wide smiles, and a wide array of balloon animals, tricks, and jokes …

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Best Horror Film Maker Of All Time

John Carpenter has won the title of best horror film director in online social media polling over twitter. Most of the people involved in the poll are true horror film fanatics. Keeping in mind he is the favorite of fans of the genre. He beat out other fan favorites such as Clive Barker. One explanation might be his long resume …

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Film’s Scariest Horror Costumes

Do you remember the first horror film you ever saw? Whichever film it was, the ‘baddie’ most likely left you with shivers down your spine, petrified of the dark, and scared stiff. What makes these characters scary, and how the characters appear, varies hugely according to the film. In cases like Hannibal Lecter, the evil character appears just like any …

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