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Content Intelligence: How Can It Empower My Business?

“Content is king.” Or is it? The phrase originated in a 1996 essay by Bill Gates – but that was two decades ago. Does it still hold true in today’s evolved digital landscape? Well, yes and no. The Internet is basically overflowing with content that it has started to lose value. Combine that with attention spans that seem to be …

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Turn Your Home Into A Fortresses with Artificial Intelligence

There is no doubt that robbers and burglars are becoming extremely smart and tech savy. Hence even the best of home security, locking and keying systems and the best of monitoring systems you will have to depend on artificial intelligence. It certainly has quite a few wonderful features to offer and according to experts it is almost fool proof and …

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Does Brain Size Matter

If there is any correlation between brain size and intelligence? The answer is no, otherwise elephant would be the smartest animal on the planet. However, studies show that brain size normalized on a body mass and brain complexity result in a higher intelligence. Please see infographic made by healthcare volunteer Yoshi Perera who likes to contribute content on a popular …

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