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Year of the Mega Data Breach

A data breach is defined as the intentional or unintentional release of secure information to an untrusted environment. All sorts of things can happen to your personal information once it falls into the hands of cyber criminals due to data breaches. Your information is typically sold on the black market along with the thousands or millions of other people’s information …

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What Happens in an Internet Second

The internet is growing at a faster pace than anyone can imagine. Even if you spent every second of your life watching videos on YouTube, you would never be able to even see 1% of their total collection. The same can be said about social media, email and blogging. The amount of content creation on the internet is growing at …

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Asia’s mobile and broadband internet speeds

Latest infographic about Asia’s mobile and broadband internet speeds There is always this question, what’s your internet speed. Many internet service providers are giving different mobile and broadband data plans. But it does not depend on which data plan you are using or which provider is giving you the connection. It all depends on which region or country are you …

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