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US to UK men’s clothing translation

Have you ever wondered why the British blush when you compliment their pants? You might think that the United States has a lot in common with their UK cousins across the pond, but all those different words and slight variations in vocabulary can lead to some pretty awkward misunderstandings! For instance, most British gentlemen wouldn’t be seen dead in a …

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The ultimate guide to men’s slippers

With winter coming, it’s time to invest in some new slippers to keep your feet warm. However, with plenty of styles to choose from, the decision is trickier than first expected. Do you need some soft-soled Albert slippers, which are perfect for just putting your feet up, or does your lifestyle mean you need sturdier outdoor mules with a non-slip …

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Perfect Pant Shirt Matching Guide for Men’s Formal and Casual Look

With the advent of social media and dating apps, there has been an evolution in men’s fashion world as well. With Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter now running on your smart phones 24/7, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd on internet. Have you been putting up pictures on one of your accounts and find nobody interested even complimenting on you??? …

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