US to UK men’s clothing translation

Have you ever wondered why the British blush when you compliment their pants? You might think that the United States has a lot in common with their UK cousins across the pond, but all those different words and slight variations in vocabulary can lead to some pretty awkward misunderstandings!

For instance, most British gentlemen wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair of suspenders, but they’ll certainly look dashing in braces and some wool pants, and a garter is a pair of suspenders for your sports socks. We know, confusing right? And don’t get us started on the UK meaning of ‘fanny pack’, but it’ll certainly raise some eyebrows if you say it to the wrong person.

Check out our handy guide to the most commonly confusing clothing translations. We hope we’ve managed to ‘coverall’ of the bases, and you’ll never have to wonder what on earth a balaclava is again.

US to UK mens clothing translation

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