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Sonata Sleeping Pill: The Dangers of Addiction And Abuse

Sonata is a prescription medication for insomnia which is also known by the generic name zaleplon. AddictionResource authors explain that taking sleeping capsules/pills in a way that deviates from a doctor’s recommendation can be qualified as abuse. The given infographic lists its major reasons. Improper use of Sonata is associated with a long list of side effects, including dependence and …

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Effexor Pill Identifier

There can be different reasons why you need to identify your Effexor capsules or pills. Maybe you are organizing and decluttering your medicine box. Or maybe you can’t remember what the strength of your medication is. The authors Addiction Resource created an infographic that makes it easy to find out what variation of Effexor (also called Venlafaxine) you have and …

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Lower the risk of prescription pill abuse

This infographic shows the statistics of the different prescription medications that are abused. It’s a growing issue in America and is just as dangerous as illegal drugs. The addiction effects are just as strong and can become fatal when using it outside of the directions given by your doctor. The article at the link where this infographic is found, tells …

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