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10 Ways to Protect Your Plants From Winter Frosts

Protect Your Plants From Winter Frosts

Gardening during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months is a joyous time for many gardeners. Think warmer weather and soil, an abundance of produce, and plants thriving in the sunnier weather. Come winter time, the story can quickly shift. Many gardeners dread the coming of winter, especially if it promises harsh winter frosts. An early or even late frost can …

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Put Plants to Workplace

More companies are using plants to benefit their business, with some huge companies transforming their offices to resemble greenhouses. Global giants like Amazon have indoor tree houses, forty-thousand plants and a fifty-five-foot tall tree. Tech giant Microsoft has ‘outdoor districts’ for workers, featuring wood and surrounded by trees. Why are these huge companies going to such an extent to make …

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Top 10 perennial plants

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to take a good, long look at your garden. Changing up your plants can be one of the best projects you can do in the sunshine, as you’ll be able to sit back at the end of the day and take full scope of your hard work. So, what plants or flowers should you …

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A Green Guide to Growing Your Own

Have you ever thought about how eco-friendly your garden is? If you regularly use up energy with patio heaters, spray potentially damaging chemicals on your plants or have a pesky leaking tap, it’s time to change! Thankfully, help is at hand. Take a look at the Green Guide to Growing Your Own, which has been created by The Plastic People. …

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