10 Ways to Protect Your Plants From Winter Frosts

Gardening during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months is a joyous time for many gardeners. Think warmer weather and soil, an abundance of produce, and plants thriving in the sunnier weather. Come winter time, the story can quickly shift.

Many gardeners dread the coming of winter, especially if it promises harsh winter frosts. An early or even late frost can really throw your gardening plans out the window. Frosts can quickly bring an end to your Autumn harvests and kill off any newly planted seedlings. It’s important to prepare your garden accordingly to protect vulnerable plants from a harsh winter frost.

This infographic will show you ten simple ways to protect your garden from winter frosts. There are many things you can do to reduce the severity of frost damage on your plants by getting to know your plants, keeping tabs on the weather forecast, and providing protection where needed.

Protect Your Plants From Winter Frosts

Infographic Source: https://www.herbcottage.com.au/blogs/grow-your-health/protect-your-plants-from-winter-frosts

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