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Using the 12 Agile Principles in your Project

Agile Project Management has become increasingly popular due to its many advantages in comparison to traditional project approaches. Agile takes the approach of expecting the requirements of the project to change and shows how to deal with them. This is based on the 12 Agile principles which are there to act as a guide on how to ensure that your …

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Capstone Project Ideas for Nursing and Awards it Brings

Having to choose a suitable Capstone Project idea for nursing, can feel intimidating. After all, it’s the first major hurdle that you have to overcome in developing an informative research paper. Effective research is one that’s specific and timely. Therefore, you first need to identify the primary areas of research in the medical field. They include Cosmetic Surgery, Cardiology, Emergency …

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5 Mistakes That Guarantee Project Collapse and How to Avoid Them

We understand the challenges of getting your project aligned with your business drivers. What were the results of your last project? Often, the failure point is not understanding the business driver during project management. Transparency, consistent communication, and stakeholder alignment are directly correlated to project success. In addition, we found that improperly managed scope leads to bottleneck and lack of …

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