Using the 12 Agile Principles in your Project

Agile Project Management has become increasingly popular due to its many advantages in comparison to traditional project approaches.
Agile takes the approach of expecting the requirements of the project to change and shows how to deal with them. This is based on the 12 Agile principles which are there to act as a guide on how to ensure that your project is delivered successfully.
These principles help to change the mindset into a more Agile way of thinking. It also doesn’t rely on difficult and irrelevant rules so all your team should be able to grasp it efficiently.
Agile encourages teams to self-organise and to work with the customer using face to face communication and feedback.
This infographic below details each of the 12 Agile principles, so why not print it out and put it up in your office so your team can become familiar with it?
12 Agile Principles in your Project
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