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Secrets to Unlocking a Great Domain Name for Your Business


Selecting a domain name for your brand can be a challenging task. It may seem like an afterthought, but a great domain name is an important asset for every business. Some great examples of companies with strong domains include Amazon (amazon.com), Google (google.com), and Apple (apple.com). These companies all have domains that are easy to remember and align with their …

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UK Phone Secrets

In order to discover how people across the UK were really using their smartphones, mobile phone insurance brand, loveit coverit, commissioned an independent survey of 2,000 respondents, looking at various attitudes toward sexting, revenge porn, and smartphone cheating. This produced some very interesting results. One of the most shocking reveals was that 19% of young men in the UK keep …

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Secrets to Choose Unique Wedding Bands for Men

The auspicious occasion of a wedding is incomplete without jewelries. Whether it is the groom or bride, jewelries play an important role in weddings. Nowadays, men wear different kinds of wedding bands. There is variety in quality, style and design, but we all know that it is difficult to choose the perfect one when it comes to buying the right …

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6 Sleeping Positions & Secrets About Your Personality

Maybe you wouldn’t think that people will be able to know your personality just by knowing the habits of sleeping positions that you do every day. Believe it or not? Based on research conducted by Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, with a sample of 1,000 participants, found that every typical sleeping positions will …

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