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Drugs in Sport: Statistics, Side Effects, Prevention


Competition in sports can be fierce, and some athletes resort to banned methods in order to gain an edge over competitors. Consuming performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) is perhaps the most popular way. It’s so widespread that some even offer to legalize some PEDs. AddictionResource authors explain that doping is banned for a reason. It is a threat to the athlete’s health. …

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Wellbutrin Side Effects: Common, Severe, And Rare Reactions

Bupropion is prescribed to relieve depression (available under the brand name Wellbutrin) and enhance smoking cessation (Zyban). As you can see in the infographic, it’s linked with unwanted side effects. Obviously, a full list is longer and includes both physiological (dry mouth, high blood pressure, headache, etc.) and psychological (anxiety, irritability, restlessness, etc.) symptoms. They vary from person to person. …

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Citalopram Side Effects

Citalopram (available under the brand name Celexa) is a prescription drug used to treat depression. Like any other antidepressant, it can cause side effects. The infographic below includes the most common ones. You may not feel any side effects at all. 21% of users reported gastrointestinal disorders, 15% – insomnia, and 11% – sweating. Other symptoms were quite rare. If …

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Diphenhydramine Side Effects

If you’ve just started taking Benadryl, an anti-allergy drug, you may want to know all risks associated with it and how to avoid them. The given infographic includes 6 side effects that are reported most often. In general, they are mild and temporary. To prevent more severe effects, stick to the dosage and the ways of administration specified in the …

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Amitriptyline Side Effects

These are the most common Amitriptyline side effects. Sometimes, users report fast or irregular heartbeat, confusion or weakness, muscle cramps, thoughts about harming themselves or ending their life, eye pain and vision problems, and more. Fortunately, these adverse effects are quite rare. AddictionResource authors recommend to avoid some activities due to those effects. Forget about alcohol. When it is mixed …

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Frequently Encountered Lexapro Side Effects and Warnings

Lexapro is an effective medication for depression and anxiety. Less often, it is prescribed to patients with panic disorder, social phobia, OCD, bulimia, and PTSD. Lexapro may cause fewer side effects than other similar antidepressants. Have a look at the infographic that lists typical potential effects. Rarely, patients experience more serious adverse symptoms that require immediate medical help. They include …

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