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A Simple Guide to Understanding Tech Support Jargon

For those working in tech support, it can be a pain to explain something to a customer who has zero technical know-how. “What do you mean my computer has bugs? I don’t ever leave it in the garden.” “Did you say I should connect the mouse? Why does that little pest have to do with fixing my computer?” These are …

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The Tech Evolution And How We All Fit In

Different generations have seen different eras of technological advancements, and this is a fact. Baby Boomers – perhaps the oldest generation alive today – have seen the birth and growth of many of the technologies that the Millennials and Centennials classify as essential parts of their lives, along with the Generation X. Technology has gone through rapid innovations at unprecedented …

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Restaurant Tech-Spectations

If you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone, chances are you’ve used these technologies to interact with restaurants. Restaurant technology can take many forms, from online ordering and tabletop tablets to free Wi-Fi and mobile payment. As technology continues to evolve and becomes more ingrained in our daily lives, so too do our “tech-spectations” when it comes to dining out. …

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