Restaurant Tech-Spectations

If you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone, chances are you’ve used these technologies to interact with restaurants. Restaurant technology can take many forms, from online ordering and tabletop tablets to free Wi-Fi and mobile payment. As technology continues to evolve and becomes more ingrained in our daily lives, so too do our “tech-spectations” when it comes to dining out. The top three restaurant technology trends are using apps and websites to order in, tabletop devices to order out, and settling the bill with mobile payments. While a variety of businesses have mobile-friendly websites, smaller numbers of restaurants offer online reservations. A small number of restaurants allow patrons to order and pay with tabletop devices, but this continues to be adopted as time goes by. Similarly, the prevalence of mobile payment has steadily increased over the last few years. The future of restaurant technology looks bright. Look to see voice recognition technology like Siri showing up when ordering and the possibility of digital wallets replacing cash. Surprisingly enough, restaurants may even create tech-free areas for patrons looking to unplug from their technology altogether.
Restaurant Tech-Spectations
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