The Tech Evolution And How We All Fit In

Different generations have seen different eras of technological advancements, and this is a fact. Baby
Boomers – perhaps the oldest generation alive today – have seen the birth and growth of many of the
technologies that the Millennials and Centennials classify as essential parts of their lives, along with the
Generation X.
Technology has gone through rapid innovations at unprecedented speeds. We’ve seen the Internet go
from dial-up to LTE within a decade, and Millennials still feel nostalgic about experiencing the bulky
keypad phones before touchscreen and smartphones became a thing. This rapid development has
impacted the way that each generation sees and uses various technological platforms as a complement
to the ongoings in their lives – both in life and at the workplace.
It’s crucial that you know and understand the differences between these generations and how they use
technology in their lives as it can help you better see what you need to consider in terms of targeting
them – from the way technology has shaped up their characteristics and core values, to the technologies
that they most use nowadays.
In this infographic, BrainBoxol explores how the four generations – Baby Boomers, Generation X,
Millennials, and Centennials – fit in the tech evolution, so check it out now:

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