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The Trend of Telecommuting and its Implication in Workplace

In the Philippines, telecommuting is a word that is not usually thrown around in the corporate setting. However, it’s becoming the new norm under different terms like work-from-home or freelancing. Telecommuting is any form of employment wherein an employee works in a setting outside of a typical office and uses technology to complete the assigned tasks and communicate with clients …

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Are Remote Workers Happier With Their Work Setup?

Remote working is on the rise. Today’s workplace is already global. Companies and teams now stretch across geographical boundaries especially with the help of digital collaboration and communication tools. Hence, the rise of remote workers also. Remote working does indeed have a lot of advantages. These employees are not bound by the 9 to 5 working schedule, working anywhere is …

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Telecommuting Statistics 2014

This infographic on SkipTheDrive.com illustrates the data obtained by our survey that was conducted in November 2014. The telecommuting statistics highlight opinions on how telecommuters feel about their current work environment as compared to when they had to work in a traditional office environment.

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