Are Remote Workers Happier With Their Work Setup?

Remote working is on the rise. Today’s workplace is already global. Companies and teams now stretch across geographical boundaries especially with the help of digital collaboration and communication tools. Hence, the rise of remote workers also.
Remote working does indeed have a lot of advantages. These employees are not bound by the 9 to 5 working schedule, working anywhere is possible, flexibility and more.
But, the question remains. Are remote workers really happier than office employees?
TINYPulse surveyed 509 remote workers in the United States regarding their work experiences and compared it with over 200,000 employees from across all types of working arrangements.
They published a comprehensive research and Time Doctor turned it into a beautiful infographic.
The survey results show why employees work remotely, how happy they are, how much they earn, how timezones affect their work and many more.
Remote Workers Happier
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