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Texas Car Accidents

The state of Texas is one of the largest states in the US. It’s known for its diverse landscape and high tourist attractions. As great as Texas may seem, it hasn’t seen a day without a fatality on its roads since the year 2000. Texas car accident infographic illustrates even more alarming statistics. In Texas, someone is killed every 2 …

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Drunk Driving in Texas

Drunk driving in Texas is more prevalent than many other states. This infographic shows just how common drunk driving is in Texas. It also illustrates the number of deaths caused by drunk drivers and breaks down the numbers based on gender and age. In a couple of sections, we compare some Texas-specific statistics with the United States as a whole. …

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Only in Texas: Workers Compensation Claims

Saying Texas is unique for a lot of things would an understatement. First of foremost, it’s a one of a kind state due it’s laws not requiring workers compensation for companies based there. What happens to the poor employees who get injured while doing their job in Texas then? The statistics may be a surprise for you.

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