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UK Lifts Quarantine Rules for Vaccinated Travellers

Being fully vaccinated against the novel coronavirus comes with many advantages. Apart from the reduced health risks, it also lessens the hassles for travellers, especially if they are going to or coming from international locations. In the UK, fully vaccinated individuals are no longer mandated to perform self-quarantine, as announced by the UK transport secretary Grant Shapps. The government considers …

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7 Easy Health and Fitness Tips For Business Travellers

Business travellers tend to find it difficult to keep themselves healthy throughout a business trip since they are always on the move from one place to another. Constant travelling can damage a person’s health thanks to the exposure to different conditions per country. Before a trip, travellers should first visit a health specialist to keep them up to date with …

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Tourist vs Travellers: Which one are you?

There are tourists and then there are travellers; although these names are sometimes used interchangeably, there are vast differences between the two. While there are no negative connotations associated with both these terms, it is important to learn how a tourist is different from a traveller as it largely affects the manner in which your carry out your travel expeditions. …

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