Tourist vs Travellers: Which one are you?

There are tourists and then there are travellers; although these names are sometimes used interchangeably, there are vast differences between the two. While there are no negative connotations associated with both these terms, it is important to learn how a tourist is different from a traveller as it largely affects the manner in which your carry out your travel expeditions.
Travellers blend in, tourists stand out
Tourists keep to themselves and are interested in the fun and attractions of the place so you usually find them being a part of the most hyped activities. Travellers, in contrast, blend in with the culture and essence of the destination. They adhere to social norms and dress like they are a part of the culture.
Differences in food preferences
While travellers make efforts to step out of their comfort zone to try out the local cuisine of the place, tourists are more than happy to gorge on foods they are comfortable and familiar with.
Making memories
Tourists are obsessed with clicking pictures/selfies all over wanting to make sure they have a memory of every place they visit, travellers, on the other hand, do not use social media too much. Instead, they prefer to be a part of experiences and capture rare moments that are taking place before their eyes.
Finding one’s way around things
Travellers go with their instincts and rely on nature to guide their next move. Getting lost helps to find yourself. Tourists are comfortable sticking to a well mapped path so rely on maps to take them from one popular sight to another.
Trips should be fun and adventurous whether you are a tourist or a traveller. Finding out which of the two you inherently are or wish to be is the first step to helping you have the time of your life on your next vacation.
Tourist vs Travellers Which one are you
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