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Profit-Generating Strategies for Your Uber for Pickup Trucks Venture


The transportation and logistics sector has been converted by the thinking of “Uber for Pickup trucks,” supplying green and flexible freight and delivery services. This comprehensive article will delve into the strategies that could flip your pickup truck into a profitable source of profits. By exploring numerous factors of this commercial enterprise model, we aim to equip marketers with the …

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Uber and Lyft Accident Stats

Rideshare providers such as Uber and Lyft have transformed transport. By the end of 2018, Lyft had completed over 1 billion rides, while Uber, with a much more extensive international footprint, had undertaken more than 10 billion trips by the start of 2019. With numerous individuals using ridesharing options, it is unavoidable that vehicles being driven for such providers will …

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A Startup Starting Trouble -Uber

Uber has experienced massive growth since its foundation in 2009. In just 8 years, the ride hailing company (starting as just a small startup), grew to become the biggest startup in the world. It is currently valued at more than 70 billion dollars. It’s growth and revenue figures are appealing for investors from all over the world, causing Uber to …

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