A Startup Starting Trouble -Uber

Uber has experienced massive growth since its foundation in 2009. In just 8 years, the ride hailing company (starting as just a small startup), grew to become the biggest startup in the world. It is currently valued at more than 70 billion dollars. It’s growth and revenue figures are appealing for investors from all over the world, causing Uber to receive billions worth of investments every year. Despite not having made any profit since foundation, investors seem to be happy. The public not so much…
Uber has been in the biggest media headlines every single day for the past few years. The tone of these news articles are overwhelmingly negative. Scandals, PR blunders, Lawsuits and the like have degraded the once so powerful image of Uber. Users, governments and municipalities have outed their dissatisfaction and even called for a global boycot. Anyone interested in the tech business will most likely have followed some of the news, but many people have no clue about the situation around Uber, while still using it everyday. This infographic shows the major areas that have contributed to the negative image of Uber in a fun and visual way.
Infographic Source: https://www.market-inspector.co.uk/blog/2017/09/why-uber-is-so-controversial

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