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The UK’s driving opinions

In order to discover the UK’s driving opinions, flexible insurance provider Dayinsure surveyed the British public. Asking a range of questions tackling everything from drink-driving to driving test ages to the advancements of autonomous vehicles, they aimed to uncover the most controversial of UK opinions. The results came in and what they found is very interesting. The infographic surmises the …

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UK’s Oral Health Habits

Good Oral health is a determining factor for the overall health and quality of life, given its implications for our well-being and relationships with others (a healthy mouth facilitates not only well-being but also the communication and interaction with others). This includes keeping your teeth free of cavities and preventing diseases that affect the gums. Poor mouth care affects people´s …

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UK’s Top 5 New Car Deals of 2017

Vehicle-selling trends keep changing in the automobile market all over the world and UK is no exception to this phenomenon. It is because the automakers keep on assembling new vehicles and the buyers’ preferences change with the time too. In a fierce competition among automotive brands, the automaker which meets customers’ expectations, rules the market and secures maximum number of …

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