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How to Unblock a Outside Drainage

Leaves, dirt, and other debris can easily clog outside drains, resulting in a lot of problems. Other than the drainage being slow, a clog can also cause a bad smell that will make you uncomfortable in your property. Although calling a professional plumber is the best option when dealing with such a problem, you can still try to unclog the …

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How to Unblock a Drain Outside

A Blocked drain is a common issue for homeowners. However, it can lead to several problems like bad smell, clogged toilet and cause for bacteria in the home. However, we can resolve this issue with the help of a simple guide on how to unblock a drain outside. An outside drainage is the system which connects internal plumbing of house …

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How to Unblock a Shower Drain

Every homeowner or renter come across a situation when they need to know how to unblock a shower drain. Many common things in the shower like hair, soap scum and mineral build-up can clog the shower drain easily even before we know it. However, the best practice is to keep the shower drain clear to avoid any clogs in the …

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