How to Unblock a Outside Drainage

Leaves, dirt, and other debris can easily clog outside drains, resulting in a lot of problems. Other than the drainage being slow, a clog can also cause a bad smell that will make you uncomfortable in your property. Although calling a professional plumber is the best option when dealing with such a problem, you can still try to unclog the drain on your own. The best option is to learn the right steps to take to return the drain to its original state.

Locate the clog

The first step in unclogging a blocked drain outside house is locating the exact source. You may be forced to open the drain cover to inspect the inside. If the gunk that is causing the block is on-site, then you may have an easier job clearing it away. However, if it is hidden, you’ll be forced to get messier as you try to locate it. This step also allows you to determine whether you’ll be able to handle the job or if you’ll need a professional. If you decide to go ahead, get the right tools.

Break the clog

One of the essential tools you’ll need to unblock outside drain is a drain rod. It is made with steel joints, and it is long but flexible. The rod is easily available at hardware stores, and it doesn’t cost a lot. Make sure you get one before trying to unblock the drain. Given the mess involved in the job, you’ll also need waterproof gloves, goggles, and a mask. Long-sleeve clothing will also protect you from the sewage spatter. If you can’t get a long-sleeve shirt, use an elbow glove instead.

Insert your arm into the drain and scoop off the drain. You should have a container to place the gunk in. The more you can scoop, the better the clearance will be. Keep scooping until there’s nothing left. Use the drain rod to break the clogs you can’t reach by hand. Try to push the clog further down while spinning the rod to loosen the gunk. Make sure you attach the plunger on the rod before inserting it. If you suspect the clog is solid, use the corkscrew.

Another option is to pour baking soda and vinegar into the drain then wait half an hour. The reaction will break the clog then you can rinse the drain. Alternatively, you can pour boiling water into the blocked drain outside the house.

Clean the drain

Use your hose to clean the blocked drain outside the house. If the water starts flowing properly, then you’ll know your efforts have been successful. In most cases, the pressure from the hose will be enough to loosen and clear away the remaining gunk. You can also pour some bleach into the drain to break the remaining clog and remove any lingering bad odor.

If you do the above, but the drain is still slow, or you’re not satisfied with the results you’re seeing, then it’s time to call a professional. Essex has many professional service providers you can reach in case of an emergency. Make sure you call a reliable and reputable service provider that will complete the job quickly.

How to Unblock a Outside Drainage
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