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Green Renovations That Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Green renovations can be a great way to add value to your house. In the current housing market, green homes are in demand and have a high resale rate. This guide will show you how green renovations can help improve your home’s resale value. Renovate Your Roofing with Clay or Concrete Roofing Tiles Replacing your roofing with clay or concrete …

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How Do You Capture Value From Your Abandoning Visitors?

Studies show that 98% of your visitors leave your website without leaving a single trace. They buy none of your products, they don’t even sign up for your newsletter. Since they don’t engage with your website in any way, there is no reason not to try to convert them into a paying customer or a subscriber to your newsletter with …

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How Six Sigma Delivers Value to its Customers

Enterprises across the globe are keen implementing Six Sigma and its process improvement methodologies to reduce wastage and increase productivity across multiple channels.  Fortune 500 companies have saved over 500 billion dollars till date by implementing Six Sigma methodologies to crucial process over time. Nearly 70% of U.S car manufacturers use Lean Six Sigma practices and have shown far better …

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