How Do You Capture Value From Your Abandoning Visitors?

Studies show that 98% of your visitors leave your website without leaving a single trace. They buy none of your products, they don’t even sign up for your newsletter. Since they don’t engage with your website in any way, there is no reason not to try to convert them into a paying customer or a subscriber to your newsletter with exit-intent technology.
Exit Intent technology monitors mouse movements of website visitors and detects when a visitor is likely to leave the website without making a purchase. At the precise moment, the visitor is about to leave your site the exit-intent technology trigger a popup. This way, you can offer a discount, a newsletter, a contact form etc. The opportunities are endless. In this infographic, Sleeknote shows you five ways you can use exit-intent popups to convert abandoning visitors into paying customers. Moreover, it shows how easy it is to create an exit-intent popup, and what you should keep in mind before you create your exit-intent popup.
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