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Clever Hacks To Make Your Lip Plumper

A lot of women desire to have lips that are full and plump. While some are blessed with the so-called ‘instagram lips’, there are also those whose lips are thin and less luscious. Fortunately, even when you are not blessed with voluminous lips, there are ways to achieve a beautiful pout that is somehow similar to what the Jenners have …

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6 Sleeping Positions & Secrets About Your Personality

Maybe you wouldn’t think that people will be able to know your personality just by knowing the habits of sleeping positions that you do every day. Believe it or not? Based on research conducted by Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, with a sample of 1,000 participants, found that every typical sleeping positions will …

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10 Best Places to Submit Your Infographics

Building a compelling and professional infographic that gets your point across is just the first stage. The second step is ensuring that your hard work finds the audience it deserves. Excellent infographics sometimes end up largely un viewed because nobody knows where to find them. That’s why you need to broaden the audience by ensuring the infographic ends up on …

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